4 Great winter tips to keep your dog warm and happy

Pets have similar needs to humans, especially in the winter months. They need to keep warm,be well fed - keep hydrated, have a dry and cozy shelter & protect their skin from the harsher temperatures.

If you're struggling to figure out how to prepare you and your pet for the winter months, follow

these easy tips:

1. Keeping your fur baby warm!

  • Dogs coats are actually both a coolant and an insulator. Keeping a dog's coat clean and well maintained will actually help them stay cooler in the summer and warmer in winter.

  • You can also add an extra layer in the winter months by buying a comfy fleece dog jersey or as a great DIY winter edition - make your own dog jersey with old jumpers or t-shirts.

2. Have a good supply of food and water

  • Dogs tend to use more calories to keep their bodies warmer in the winter. So don't be shy to add a extra helping of kibble into the bowl now and again.

  • Having water around is important at any given time of the year. Your dog should never be left without a water supply. Water is important for dogs to keep their bodies functioning properly - just like in humans.

3. Keep it comfy and cozy

  • Keep your dogs shelter in a draft- free area. Those extra light winds can be really chilly for your fur friend.

  • Add extra bedding and blankets to keep the heat in. Ideally if your pup sleeps on the floor add extra blankets underneath their dog bed or favorite cushion, just to add that extra protection.

4. Protect their skin

  • Help prevent dry, flaky skin by adding a skin and coat supplement to their food.

  • Use a moisturizing conditioner with a strong oatmeal base. Oatmeal is a natural skin smoothing remedy. - don't bath your doggo too often in the winter times though, it's important to keep your dog's clean but not to the point where it makes them uncomfortable or distressed.

Some dogs thrive in winter time, some dogs can't stand the cold! Whatever the weather, love and snuggles will always get your dog through anything!

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