A Day in the Life of a Dog Walker...

Have you ever wondered what your best friend’s day is like in those hours they have left you for their daily walk? Well, they’re having a blast because they’re hanging out with me, Rochelle, your friendly neighbourhood dog walker, and my trusty sidekick and best friend, my Husky X Skye. Dog walking is the best job ever - I get to introduce my furry friends and puppy pals to loads of lovely places, adventuring and exploring every park we can get our paws into.

Here’s an idea of how we spend our days together so you can picture what your pup is up to:

Our Manic Mornings:

SLUURRP! That’s the sound of being woken up by lots of sloppy doggy kisses from my Skye, a husky X who can’t wait to see who she gets to play with today. If I’m having a slow morning, she’ll jump onto my chest and give me her version of the Heimlich manoeuvre - this is coincidentally the most efficient way to rise, and we often do before the sun. After a quick cuddle and a coffee to energize me for the day ahead, Skye can do her inspection of our garden, she keeps us very safe from foxes, squirrels, and that menacing ginger cat. After she comes back in, she stares patiently (not patiently at all) at the fridge, hoping it will miraculously pop open and provide her breakfast. Then it’s out the door to go fetch all our doggy friends that are joining us for the day. While your pup is excitedly waiting to be collected, we would appreciate it if you could have them in their harness and prepared for the day ahead! While listening to our favourite songs and having a little dance party, we navigate early-morning traffic to collect the pooches in my van – optimized for ultimate comfort-in-transit. Each dog has their own space equipped with their bowl, blankets, and toys. Their space is temperature-regulated and we always have loads of treats and water refreshments available for the VIP service your dog deserves. Not that they notice, they are raring to get going and meet all their friends in the park! Once we’ve reached our destination, everyone gets set free from their little room and added to my special harness, neatly organised by their walking speed and who they want to walk next to. Now it’s time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for – freedom in the park! I get to throw balls, give treats, lead them down exciting new paths and trick them into letting me take loads of adorable pictures of them. Once all doggies have sufficiently exhausted themselves by running around in joy, it’s time to rustle them all up and pop them back in the van. Thank goodness I keep gumboots and spare shoes, as well as raincoats for me and towel jumpers for the dogs in the van, these walks can get wet and muddy!

Our Active Afternoons:

We wave goodbye to our pals who just needed a walk and head home with those who are joining us for doggy day care. This is the time for us all to rest after all the excitement, have some lunch, a quick nap for the more tired pups and some stimulating play with our specially chosen dog toys. Before you know it, rest time is over and we’re back out again to drop off the doggies who joined us for half doggy day care and for another walk. This walk is shorter than our hours of fun in the morning but the dogs love another opportunity to zoom around with their friends to their heart’s content. If there’s time we’ll head home for another rest before the evening drop offs, but otherwise we are ready to hit the road in our little mobile doggy hotel. We need to get going around 4 pm to return your furry best friend to you so that we can avoid the traffic. As comfy as they are en route, we prefer for them to spend as little time as possible cooped up!

Our Energizing Evenings:

Once we’ve delivered our precious cargo, Skye and I head home with whichever of our pals are joining us for a sleepover. We have some dinner and play a bit with toys, but our doggies usually have an early night from their very busy and exciting day! Surrounded by the lyrical sound of pooch snores, I sift through the hundreds of pictures we’ve taken throughout the day. Some get posted to Instagram and some get sent directly to you, our furry friend’s parent, so you can be part of the magical day they’ve had. Then it’s time for a cuddled-up and cozy sleep so we are rested and refreshed to do it all again tomorrow!

Thank you for trusting me with your pet - we appreciate you and your best friend and enjoy our time spent together. I hope you have more of a picture of what a day in the life of a dog walker looks like, so you can picture your dog having fun on their daily adventure. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message, and be sure to follow our Instagram page, @dogs_unleashed_sw for daily ‘pupdates’ on our doggies’ adventures.

From Rochelle and Skye x

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